In celebration of International Women’s Day 2017, ALPSA is hosting a feminist jurisprudence seminar with Professor Heather Douglas and Dr Francesca Bartlett on Tuesday 14 March at 6pm. The panel discussion will focus on the Australian Feminist Judgments Project, with light refreshments afterwards. Join us as we acknowledge the role of women in legal philosophy at the TC Beirne School of Law.

The Australian Feminist Judgments Project is an inspired and innovative research project which investigates the possibilities, limits and implications of a feminist approach to legal decision-making. The project involves a group of feminist academics, lawyers and activists who have agreed to write alternative judgments in a series of Australian legal cases. By re-writing and re-imagining original legal decisions through a feminist lens, the project employs praxis—the application of theoretical insights to real world situations—to investigate the influence of feminist theory on judicial decision-making.